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Women Researchers

Women Researchers' Organization and Substantial Method

TOTAL of 3,206 Women Researchers
(Including 400 Advanced Researchers)

We have organized our special research network that consists of young housewives in the twenties and thirties as a leading part all over the country, apart from the (about 400) researchers who specialize in marketing research. We can make a survey of supermarkets, CVS, drugstores, and discount stores, etc. in their living area at will and at a low price. (They don't spend so much money on carfare, due to their living area).

The Number of Our Women Researchers
Women Researchers under exclusive contract with SGK
- 400 People in Japan
General Women Researchers
- about 3,000 People in Japan

Real Research Method and Technique
Visiting Research on the door-to-door Sales
- A Public-Opinion Census
Research at the Store Front
- Just After Buying, Survey at the Exit
Visiting Research at the Sales Store
- Research on the Sales Trend
Research Observing the Sales Store
- Research on the Store Dealing
Research on the Environs of the Sales Store
- Research on Purchases Products
Research with People on the Street
- Research on Their Shopping and Movements
Recruit into Group Interview, etc.
- GI (Group Interview) and Area GI

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