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Researching Area
Consumer Research / Monitor Research
Survey on developing new products and spreading into consumers.
Circulation Survey
Sales Research on Beverage Vending Machine and at Supermarkets and CVS, and CVS Test Research.
CVS Product Sales Testing
Price Testing or Different Price Setting Test and Cannibal Testing with new products and actual products.
Public Opinion Survey
Survey on the sense of citizens by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Other Local Governments.
Net Research (Web Research)
Testing for Commercial Film (CF), and Receptivity Research or Product Package.

Five Steps for Our Ordering and Researching System
Proposal for planning and making a survey of the planning corresponding to the subject.

Field network research by our 3,000 women researchers in Japan. Information gathering by FAX from our monitor researchers of 44,960 members in Japan.

Collecting by our original system with our personal computers.

Applying our information assets stored inside our company and our software for analyzing.

Combine all marketing data and analyzed results. We will deliver to you our reliable report books.

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