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Introduction: Our Marketing Perspective
Is it enough to say, "It should have sold"?
Business cannot be done on speculation alone.

Everything could be easier for industry if its strategy always went well as expected. An awareness of the changes of the time and the ability to make appropriate decisions is prerequisite for effective expansion of strategies. However, the time changes not only people's value but also implies a sense of uncertainty. Consequently, if the correct decisions are to be made, it is very important that there be a correct awareness of the new values of the time, and utmost effort must be made to lessen uncertainty. There are few short lived products that appeared on the market amidst a great fanfare only to disappear shortly after. Many things must be considered,the kind of product, the target market, where and how the project will be sold. Have detailed and accurate plans been made? What is wanted and what is needed? Can the market be visualized? Are new products being casually developed, before much thought can be given? A sink or swim attitude has no place. Casual ideas and speculation are not what is needed. Business cannot be a success unless there is a necessity and strategy based on firm foundations.

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