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Introduction: Our Marketing Perspective
Data is just a set of meaningless numbers, unless the meaning hidden beneath the surface can be interpreted.

Each product has its own life cycle. Like living creatures each product has a period of development, maturity and decline. But you can lengthen the period of its life cycle by using an appropriate strategy. For example, if you make a survey of what people are actually using, or what has made them purchase it, you will often realize that there is a big difference between the marker's intention and the users' purpose. Sometimes you may find unexpected users, or some other times, unexpected way of using the product. At another time you may be surprised to find that some users are even drawn to the product in completely unexpected ways. Through this kind of survey, you will be able to develop new marketing areas, to find new users or increase the use of the product. Only after making the survey you will be able to lengthen the growing cycle of a product. In other words, marketing research is an essential means to know these things. As long as you are only looking at the data, you cannot bring anything out of sale value. Certainly, you should be more aware that data is just a set of meaningless numbers. How to read the data, what kind of hidden meaning you can detect what is important. What kind of people should be the real target for your product? What kind of product do you need to develop? What kind of sales activity is necessary? And what circulation channel is suitable? These are the questions you have to answer. Our SOGO KIKAKU will analyze your present sales problems, and make better plans for a marketing survey. Then we will start our actual investigation, sum up the results and analyze them. In the end we will give you effective advice based on the results and analysis. We will help you up to that point. We are able to give you our coherent assistance making full use of our experience. We will offer you not only the data but also our accurate analysis, reliable judgement and effective strategy which are backed up with our past achievements and experience.

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