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Introduction: Our Marketing Perspective
There is no mystery in a product left unsold.
There must be a very logical reason.

What is called "hit products" have become explosively popular for inexplicable reason. Of course, in most of the cases, the needs of the time were clearly understand, hidden demand was skillfully drawn out, or the product had tremendously persuasive power. But in the case of the products that are not sold well, there is always an undeniable reason. Getting carried away by such things as they seem on the surface and not capturing enough steady needs to lead up to the actual purchasing of a new product. Although the needs were properly identified, appropriate sales channels couldn't be found. Already existing products have already a declining sales record because the changes in the overall market supply and demand were not taken into account. These are all cases which could have been prevented had the proper marketing research been done and if sales actually went down, the proper measures were taken. Marketing entails the following: studying and predicting the market trends and effects, and after setting up the target the market, forming suitable and effective strategy, so that the sales goal could be reached, and building up success stories that could be used for future sales strategy, studying the response to a product and its consequences. If business is to succeed, logical science, not guess work, is what is needed.

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